2004-2005 Prehistoric Paper Staff

The Prehistoric Paper Staff wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Maggie Berigan Pgs 4-5 Opinion Editor
Kristen Brockman Online Editor
Lauren Kingston Pgs 2-3 News Editor
Megan Koory Columnist
Megan Mahoney Business Manager
Frannie Maier Assistant Editor
Katie McCabe Managing Editor
Katie McGill Graphics Editor
Mary McGinty Pgs 14-15 Entertainment Editor
Kate McKillip Pgs 2-3 News Editor
Andrea Myhra Pgs 12-13 Sports Editor
Kaitlin O'Hara Photo Editor
Katie Powers Columnist
Katie Sebby Morale and Recognition Coordinator
Laura Silvey Pg 16 Photo Essay Editor
Emily Soener Pgs 10-11 Features Editor
Kara Stockdale Pgs 6-7 Features Editor
Ellen Stryker Pg 1 News Editor
Meghan Sundermeier Pgs 8-9 Indepth Editor
Mandy Tessmer Circulation/Job Manager
Megan Thomsen Pgs 10-11 Features Editor
Erin Tracy Assistant Editor
Sarah Ann Voss Pgs 14-15 Entertainment Editor
Kayla Walsh Beat Sheet Queen
Jill Weber Special Events Coordinator
Mrs. Kalkowski Advisor

The Newspaper staff modeling our T-shirts and sweatshirts.

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