2011-2012 ARCHIVES

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  • May 18 M-Beat by Hayley, Allie and Anna
  • April 25 M-Beat by Jessica, Becca, Erin, Katherine, Bizzy and Savannah
  • April 18 M-Beat by Sarah, Kathryn and Emily
  • March 29 M-Beat by Sammy, Abby and Carrie
  • March 21 M-Beat by Eileen, Laura and Whitney
  • March 7 M-Beat by Ellie, Gabby and Maria
  • Feb. 29 M-Beat by Kayla, Tara and Ali
  • Feb. 22 M-Beat by Lauren, Sydney and Poorna
  • Feb. 15 M-Beat by Sarah, Marie and Michelle
  • Feb. 8 M-Beat by Emily, Dani and Alexis
  • Feb. 1 M-Beat by Theresa, Haley and Annie
  • Jan. 25 PROM ANNOUNCEMENT by Prom Committee
  • Jan. 18 M-Beat by Maggie, Kyrie and Katherine
  • Jan. 11 M-Beat by Nicola, Megan, Rachel and Sydney
  • Dec. 7 M-Beat by Kyrie, Katherine and Maggie
  • Nov. 28 M-Beat by Annie, Haley and Theresa
  • Nov. 16 M-Beat by Lauren, Sydney and Poorna
  • Nov. 9 M-Beat by Bizzy, Erin and Jess
  • Nov. 2 M-Beat by Emily, Sarah and Kathryn
  • Oct. 26 M-Beat by Hayley, Anna and Allie
  • Oct. 19 M-Beat by Bre, Jackie, Anna and Megan
  • MARIAN FEST promo video by Katie, Savannah and Becca
  • Oct. 12 M-Beat by Nicola, Rachel, Sydney and Megan
  • Oct. 5 M-Beat by Dani, Emily and Alexis
  • Service Site M-Beat, Sept. 28 by Abby, Sammy and Carrie
  • Donor Appreciation Thank You by Kayla, Ali and Tara
  • Sept. 14 M-Beat by Gabby, Ellie and Maria
  • Recruitment Video made by Mrs. Schmidt's Comp Apps 2 class
  • Dominican Republic Summer '11 Mission Trip by Annie & DR girls
  • Servite Exchange to Australia by Dani
  • Mini School Night Broadcast by Sarah, Marie and Michelle
  • 1-Minute Marian by Dani, Alexis & Emily
  • 1-Minute Marian by Nicola, Sydney, Megan & Rachel
  • 1-Minute Marian by Allie, Hayley & Anna
  • 1-Minute Marian by Bizzy & Erin
  • 1-Minute Marian by Emily, Sarah & Kathryn
  • 1-Minute Marian by Becca, Katie & Savannah
  • 1-Minute Marian by Katherine, Maggie & Kyrie
  • 1-Minute Marian by Annie, Theresa & Haley
  • 1-Minute Marian by Gabby, Maria & Ellie
  • 1-Minute Marian by Carrie, Abby & Sammy
  • 1-Minute Marian by Sydney, Lauren & Poorna
  • 1-Minute Marian by Tara, Kayla & Ali
  • 1-Minute Marian by Jackie, Bre, Megan & Anna
  • 1-Minute Marian by Eileen, Whitney & Laura
  • 1-Minute Marian by Marie, Sarah & Michelle