Follow these guidelines and preferences when turning in a 2016 Marian High School senior picture:

  1. Head and shoulder ONLY.
  2. Portrait (or SOLID) background ONLY. This may be any one solid color studio background (no outside unless it is a solid color, no bricks, no pillars, and no props).
  3. Forehead to chin measurements should be between 1-1.5 inches. This is standard vertical pose size. We would prefer no extremely tight cropping. We'd like to have headroom for consistency sake.
  4. Hands are NOT allowed to appear in the picture.
  5. Vertical Wallet size photos ONLY.
  6. Glossy finish ONLY - if the photo cannot be submitted electronically.
  7. Color images ONLY.
  8. Soft touch photos are not preferred.

NOTE: School policies will not allow any facial piercings (other than ears) in the formal school yearbook senior photo. Students have been alerted but please do not allow them to be photographed that way. They may certainly do so for their exchange photos and any they personally purchase. Thank you for helping us apply this policy.

Please meet or beat our Dec. 1 deadline:
The PREFERRED method is to send them attached in an least 300 dpi.
We will reply when we receive a photo, so if you don't have a reply within a few working days, please do not hesitate to call (402-571-2618 ext. 1134)
or email the adviser and help us find out the status.
The adviser is Mrs. Marsha Kalkowski.


Send photos on a disk to:
Marian High School Yearbook
7400 Military Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Feel free to browse past yearbooks for ideas of poses and backgrounds.

Questions about the senior photo policy and details can also be addressed to the senior section yearbook editor, Abby Hermanek. Thank you!

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