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Student Maintained WEBSITE FOR THE 2013 BOOK

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Seniors in Honors Journalism II create the 2013 yearbook, The Crusader, during Block F
and many extended hours each month.
They use the journalism lab computers, the server "Endless Archive"
and digital cameras to capture life as they see it at Marian and in the world around them.
If you have concerns, compliments or complaints about the yearbook, please email the adviser (address is below).

We do not have advertisments in our yearbook, other than SENIOR PARENT ADS
  • This is the initial ad letter.
  • This is the ad contract.
  • This is a quick sample of ads from last year's book.
    We'd love for community supporters of Marian to support the school in other ways. We have the generous support of the Marian English Department budget and part of each student's activity fee to pay for our efforts.

    The senior portrait submission deadline is Dec. 1. Community photographers can download our spec sheet here.

    Please drop by and see us - Marian High School, Room 304
    7400 Military Avenue
    Omaha, Nebraska 68134

    Or give us a call...402-571-2618 ext. 134

    Or shoot off an e-mail... crusader@omahamarian.org
    The adviser is Mrs. Marsha Kalkowski and if you need to reach her, try at mkalkowski@omahamarian.org.

    Thanks for browsing. Hope to see you here again soon.